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Microwave light bulb does not turn on in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Microwave light off? This happens, light bulbs do not last forever and tend to burn out.

Microwave light bulb does not turn on

Problem solution:

You can replace the light bulb in the microwave with your own hands.

How to do this, you can find out from the instructions for the unit, as well as from our short instructions.

You need to disconnect the microwave from the outlet

Then you need to remove the back wall. To do this, use a screwdriver to unscrew the self-tapping screws that fix it.

As a rule, the light bulb is located on the right side of the microwave. There are special holes in this place.

After that we take out the lamp holder and unscrew the lamp from it.

Now we screw a new one into it (you need to buy it in advance). After that, the cover must be put in place.

Checking the operation of the lamp. If after that it does not work, then the microwave should be sent to the service center for repair.

It should be noted that the power of the lamp, which is installed in the microwave, is not more than 20 W, the size of the base is E-14. In addition, in some models, microwave lamps are not equipped with a threaded base, so it will be difficult to replace it with your own hands. If you need help with high end microwave repair, call us right now!