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Microwave light is out in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

The lack of light in a microwave oven, of course, can hardly be called a serious problem, but nevertheless, this is a certain inconvenience, and it is desirable to fix it.

Oddly enough, replacing a burned-out light bulb in a microwave oven is not such a simple procedure, since the lamp hidden deep enough. In addition, lighting may also be missing due to internal problems, which will already require the intervention of a qualified specialist.

Microwave light is out

Problem solution:

What to do if the light in the microwave is off or flashing?

The light bulb has burnt out. The most obvious reason why the light in the microwave does not light up is that the backlight bulb has burned out and needs to be replaced. Not everything is so simple: in a microwave oven, in order to get to the lamp, you must completely remove the casing of the device, and when installing a new lamp, try not to damage the fragile mica protective plate. If you are not sure - it is better to call a specialist.

The purpose of turning on the backlight is faulty

If you replaced the lamp, and there is still no light in the microwave, then there is a problem with the backlight switching circuit. In this case, it is better, of course, to contact experienced craftsmen. If you need help with urgent microwave repair, call us right now!