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Microwave not heating

Issue description:

Why the microwave does not heat up: the most common reasons:

fuses blown out (at the mains input and at the transformer terminals, depending on the oven model)

high-voltage fuse broken

high-voltage doubler diode malfunction

doubler capacitor breakdown ; lack of power supply to the control panel; failure of a filter capacitor

failure of a magnetron.

All the reasons listed are listed in order from simple to more complex. You have a useful guideline for avoiding unnecessary costs in both time and money. If it turns out that the problem is solved by simply replacing the fuse, imagine how useless it would be to completely disassemble and assemble the product.

Microwave not heating


To find out what the problem is, if the microwave turns on but does not heat up, it is necessary to check the integrity of the main components of the structure. It is better to do this in stages or by elimination. After all, if the microwave does not heat, the reasons may be simple, and their elimination will take 2-3 minutes. Sometimes you still have to purchase a new part and replace it. And here it is no longer possible to do without the procedure for complete dismantling of the structure. Be sure to disconnect the microwave from the mains before disassembling it. It is recommended to have the factory operating instructions handy. As the malfunction is determined, detailed acquaintance with the corresponding section is required. Initially, the mains fuse is checked. The fact of its burnout is not always determined visually. For reliability, the fuse is checked with a tester in ohmmeter mode. In this case, the resistance parameter does not matter. Conductivity is established or its absence at all. Similarly, other similar elements are checked. The high voltage fuse in the shroud will show some resistance, but it should. Those of the fuses that did not show conductive properties are considered illiquid - they must be completely replaced. If you need help with microwave repair around me, call us right now!