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Microwave smell after cooking in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

The microwave oven begins to emit a clearly unpleasant and therefore extremely suspicious smell, and sometimes even with a characteristic and even more suspicious smoke. Of course, this is a real emergency, which raises a lot of questions. So, why did the microwave start emitting unpleasant odors, and what should be done in this case? As practice shows, this happens with the stove for various reasons, and the most "popular" among them are the following four:

The product is burning. When a microwave oven is used very actively, microparticles of food inevitably begin to deposit on its inner surfaces, which are released along with steam during the heating process. And if, at the same time, the care of the device is carried out irregularly or poorly (in other words, the microwave is not always washed and not in the right way), then over time such deposits turn from micro to macro and at one point they light up under the influence of radiation. This is perhaps the most important reason for the unpleasant smell in the microwave. Insulation is on. This is always accompanied by a very characteristic smell of "burning wiring", which, in fact, is what happens. Failure to comply with operating rules, poor-quality cable insulation, manufacturing defects - that's why the microwave wires start to burn.

Mica plate is burning. Due to the design features of modern household microwave systems, microwave ovens, that is, the so-called mica plate is in each. However, this element can burn out, and as soon as this happens, a smell appears, indicating that the microwave cannot be used and the plate must be urgently replaced.

Transformer is on. If the tile is definitely clean, the mica plate in it is also in excellent condition, and the smell is bad, but it does not seem to give off burnt plastic, then this is still bad.

Microwave smell after cooking

Problem solution:

The cause of burning products can be eliminated relatively easily, by thoroughly cleaning the internal and external surfaces of the device.

Burning insulation is solved with the involvement of a qualified technician who correctly diagnoses the problem and / or eliminates the problem.

The burning plate must be replaced.

In case of a problem in the transformer, you will have to contact a specialist, since it is most likely that it will not work to identify a breakdown of the microwave transformer by external inspection. Of course, if there is a suspicion of a transformer malfunction, then the device cannot be operated. However, the problem should not be considered insoluble. If you need help with urgent microwave repair, call us right now!