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Microwave sparks

Issue description:

The microwave sparks for several reasons:

Metal dishes or containers with a metal rim were placed inside the appliance

A burnt mica plate can also trigger sparks.

Due to metal, silver or gold dusting on the plates.

Mechanical damage enamels.

If your microwave oven sparks and cracks, and also shoots, it means that you did not act in accordance with the instructions and you cannot do without repairs. Please note that self-repair of the device without proper knowledge can be dangerous!

Microwave sparks


Forbidden dishes

In the microwave oven, under no circumstances should you put food in metal dishes or in plates with gold, silver or metal dusting to heat it up. If you neglect this rule, then a crackling sound will be heard in the microwave, and the device will begin to spark.

If you have not kept track, and metal dishes or cutlery have got into the chamber, stop the microwave and remove all prohibited items. The sparking should stop.

Mica plate

One of the most common reasons why the microwave crackles and sparks is the burnout of the mica plate, which is responsible for the dissipation of microwaves.

As the food is heated, fat settles on the plate. And untimely cleaning and improper care of the microwave only accelerate the process of accumulation of food debris on the plate, which can catch fire. Over time, the diffuser collapses.

Waveguide cover

Most breakdowns occur due to untimely cleaning of the device from greasy deposits that can catch fire over time. The antenna from the magnetron emits microwaves in the waveguide chamber, which is covered by a cover. The accumulated dirt on the cover of the waveguide will eventually burn, because it acts as a dielectric that does not conduct an electric current. The fact is that fire is the so-called plasma, which can be a conductor, which can cause sparks and crackling in the microwave.

Power socket and plug

Sometimes the microwave oven can spark only when it is turned on or off. This may be due to a faulty outlet or plug. If the contacts do not fit tightly to each other, then the electric current is distributed unevenly. This could lead to a short circuit or damage to the microwave. If you need help with microwave repair near me, call us right now!