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Microwave will not run

Issue description:

A microwave oven can malfunction for a number of reasons:

Insufficient mains voltage, its frequent drops. In this case, the fuse fails.

Clogging by foreign objects, debris, food debris, grease. As a result, the drive mechanism will need to be changed

Liquid on the touch panel can cause the entire control system to be replaced

Hinge displacement or a broken lock may be caused by heavy use of machinery or excessive force on the door

Use of dishes that are not designed for Microwave ovens, disables the mica plate. Breakage of the main part - the magnetron - due to the long service life

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Microwave will not run


Self-help solutions for microwave oven malfunctions depend on diagnostic symptoms. It is important to identify the problem, monitor the operation of the oven: how it turns on, whether it warms up food enough.

Follow the instructions to find all the items to be checked. Unplug the appliance before troubleshooting microwave ovens yourself.

First, check the condition of the fuses. Blackening or burnout of the filament of the channel inside indicates a failure. In this case, replace the device with a new one.

Noise or buzzing may indicate a capacitor breakdown. Its serviceability should be checked by connecting an ohmmeter to the device and observing whether the arrow is deflected. If not, this is a signal of failure and the need to replace the part. Discharge the device before replacing.

If the capacitor heats up, the fuse is blown and there is a strong hum from the equipment - the problem is in the high-voltage diode and it should be replaced.

A magnetron malfunction leads to insufficient heating of the food. This is due to the poor generation of the high frequency electric field. The result of a malfunction is excess fat, food, carbon deposits, cracks on the device. You can check the element with an ohmmeter - the capacitor and the case should not be called back. Replace the failed part with a new one. If you need help with immediately microwave repair, call us right now!