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Microwave won't turn on

Issue description:

A common situation when the microwave stops turning on for no apparent reason. The electronic board does not light up, the light inside the camera does not light up, and does not respond to keystrokes and turning the knobs. It feels like the stove is not plugged in at all.

Often thinking that the breakdown is serious, people just buy a new stove. Of course, sometimes the cause of such a malfunction can be different, including serious breakdowns, which only a specialist can repair. But more often than not, the reason is very simple and bringing the microwave back to life is a ten-minute matter that even a person who does not understand anything about equipment repair can do.

Microwave won't turn on


So let's get started. First you need to unplug the microwave from the outlet - IT'S MANDATORY!

Then remove the top cover of the oven. To do this, you need to unscrew a few screws at the back and, sometimes, one or two screws at the side. After making sure that all the screws have been removed, lift the cover up by the back and then pull back. It happens that the lid is stuck to the body of the stove and you need to make a little effort.

Inside the microwave there is a high-voltage capacitor that can shock you if you touch its contacts. Do not touch it.

That's it, the lid is removed and you see a little culprit for the silence of the stove - the fuse of the power supply.

Because of it, the microwave often stops turning on. It can fail for various reasons. This may be the result of other malfunctions, therefore, after replacement, it may immediately burn out again. But most often the replacement helps, and the stove works normally again.

Therefore, we just take it out and, taking it as a sample, go to the radio parts store for the same one. We put the new fuse in place, assemble the stove and check it. With a high degree of probability, the repair is over and the microwave can be used again.

The main thing is not to put a fuse with different characteristics. And even more so, in no case do not put in its place the so-called "bug" made of wire, coins and the like. Otherwise, you risk just burning your home.

That's actually all that concerns the repair of this malfunction. The whole procedure, not counting the purchase of a fuse, takes a minimum of time. A couple of minutes to remove the stove cover, a minute to replace the fuse, and a few minutes to put everything back together. If you need help with microwave repair San Jose, call us right now!