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Noisy surface burner flame

Issue description:

The reason for the appearance of noise during water heating is insufficient draft. Therefore, in noisy equipment, it is she who is checked first. A lighted match or lighter is brought to the control holes or a special hatch at the top of the column. If the flame is deflected towards the device, the draft is sufficient. Otherwise, you should take care of cleaning the chimney.

Insufficient air flow into the room can also cause noise, for example, if plastic windows are installed in the kitchen. Seals in such windows interfere with natural ventilation of the room. In this case, to eliminate noise, simply control the air flow.

Another reason for too noisy operation of the column is the contamination of the wick of the ignition burner. And then to eliminate the noise, it is enough to clean the jets. A similar situation is possible when the nozzles in the main burner are clogged, then after cleaning it, the hum disappears during the operation of the column.

In modern speakers, which are switched on by means of electric ignition, the reason for the noise during operation may be as follows:

Discharged batteries. As a result, the gas-air mixture is ignited with difficulty. In such a situation, the batteries need to be replaced.

Breakage of the sensor that controls the water supply. Often its malfunction is caused by oxidation of the contact group. Usually this sensor is non-separable, so it is replaced.

Malfunction of the spark plug, which does not create an electric spark. It is most often displaced after many heating-cooling cycles. By returning the plug to its nominal position, you restore the possibility of spark formation and eliminate extraneous noise.

Problem with a mechanical ignition retarder. Its presence can be determined after dismantling the assembly and shaking it - normally you should hear the noise of the ball moving inside the retarder. If there is no sound, this indicates the displacement of this ball. You can put it back in place using soft wire.

Noisy surface burner flame


This is a common problem. After some time of operation, the owners of the stove notice that one burner or several of them light up for a very long time, and when the handle is released, the burner goes out altogether.

The reason lies in a dirty thermocouple - a small mechanism located near each burner. A dirty thermocouple is unable to cope with its heating task, does not lift the valve and impedes gas flow. Regular cleaning with a knife or other improvised object will help you cope with an unpleasant situation.

If such a home repair does not help, then the thermocouple itself or the magnetic valve may have broken, they will have to be completely changed. This is already the work of the master. If you need help with stove repair San Jose, call us right now!