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Noisy water heater in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

The third-party sounds emitted by the boiler not only indicate certain system malfunctions, but also create psychological discomfort. Why is the storage water heater making noise?

The main reasons for the noise:

scale accumulated inside the tank, on the walls of the tank and heating elements

unbalanced operation or failure of the bypass valve

improper installation or clogging of the water supply system

quality running water.

Plaque inside the tank

Scale is the main cause of many breakdowns of the water heater. If the plaque is more than a centimeter, the boiler begins to whistle or crackle when heated. The danger lies in the fact that a large layer of plaque on the heating element is often the reason for its failure, in particular the appearance of a crack. That is why experts recommend cleaning the boiler at least once every 2 years.

The fact that the time has come for preventive maintenance of the Termeks, Ariston boilers is evidenced not only by the characteristic noise, but also by the duration of water heating. An additional guarantee of the proper operation of the water heater will be the installation of a filter. Especially if the water is hard (with a high content of magnesium, potassium) or its quality is unsatisfactory.

Breakdown of the bypass valve

The main purpose of this element of the system is to regulate the pressure inside the water heater. The design includes two parts: a check valve and a blast valve. The first serves to dump excess water during heating when the pressure rises. The explosive valve prevents the outflow of water from the boiler into the pipes.

The characteristic noise in the form of whistling, hissing at the time of hot water supply indicates a malfunction of the Ariston, Termeks heater, the failure of individual elements of the bypass valve. The part must be replaced if a breakdown occurs. If it is clogged, remove and clean.

Sometimes, along with a characteristic sound, water drips from under the valve. The reason may be increased pressure in the water supply system (more than 7 kg), you need to install an additional reducer. Or the mixer is leaking in the bathroom, sink.

A characteristic noise occurs if the bypass valve, boiler filter is clogged. The part must be dismantled, cleaned.

Additionally, the bypass valve regulates the pressure drop in the pipes. For example, at the moment the neighbors turn on cold water, a noise effect may occur.

Over time, due to mechanical wear, fluctuations in water pressure, the integrity of the gasket in the places where the heating elements are installed is broken. This can also cause the boiler to make noise. Usually water starts to seep out at the same time. It is necessary to disassemble the water heater and replace the gasket.

Malfunction in the water supply system

Noises occur when the water supply system is improperly installed or if it is clogged.

In apartment buildings, repairs are carried out individually. Often, neighbors use different types and diameters of water pipes. This can provoke hum in pipes, including those leading to the water heater. Water flow is disrupted, pressure drops occur. Similar errors in the installation of the system can be made when laying pipes directly in the apartment.

Scale particles accumulate, clog the pipes, which leads to pressure surges, disruption of the water flow. Typical noise indicates such failures, most often in the form of a whistling hum. A similar effect arises when the valve is partially closed. To solve this problem, it is enough to adjust the tap or replace it if it does not work.

To restore the water supply system, neutralize noise effects, it is better to invite a specialist. He will make a diagnosis, determine the cause, and, if possible, eliminate it. They make a partial replacement of certain sections of the water supply system, install an additional filter on the boiler.

The quality of tap water

The working condition of the water supply system and the operation of the boiler largely depends on the quality characteristics of the water. It contains a certain amount of harmful gases (carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrocarbon). Along with mechanical, biological treatment, degassing is carried out.

If it is done poorly, then there is an increased concentration of these elements in the water. At the moment of warming up the water heater, gases begin to rise upward, and the boiler makes noise. The gases dissolved in the water corrode the metal parts of the boiler.

This problem can be solved by installing filters.

Noisy water heater

Problem solution:

Various kinds of noise that occurs during the operation of the water heater indicates a malfunction of the system. Diagnostics of the causes will help find the right solution to eliminate the causes of malfunction, relieve you of unpleasant noise effects.

Preventive methods of eliminating such problems are the installation of filters, periodic cleaning of the boiler.

Violation of the rules, installation of the heating and water supply system, also provokes malfunctions, leads to noise during the operation of the water heater. It is better to entrust the elimination of such errors to a specialist.

Microcrack in the tank case, heating element - a complex breakdown of the water heater. The problem is not only the characteristic noise, whistle, but that this creates a rather dangerous emergency situation. If such a breakdown is detected, you must immediately turn off the household appliance. It is better to replace the heating element, and not try to solder it if it has been in operation for a long time. Repair or purchase of a new boiler depends on the degree of damage to the case. If you need help with urgent water heater repair, call us right now!