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Oven control board not working in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

One of the most common reasons, due to which the oven does not turn on, is a malfunction of the mode switch (toggle switch).

During prolonged service under severe conditions of high temperatures, the contact springs may weaken, or the contacts themselves may burn.

It is also necessary to carry out diagnostics with measuring instruments, the control board may be faulty.

Oven control board not working

Problem solution:

Carefully, try not to damage the wires, we take out the panel along with the glass. The wires going from the panel to the oven, so as not to get tangled later, do not need to be disconnected.

The entire touch panel uses exactly the same pair of lenses - both on the sensor LED / photodiode pairs and on the indicator LEDs, where they are redundant and lack of transparency lenses do not affect anything. Therefore, it is easy to select the most transparent "glasses" and put them on the sensor that does not work. If you need help with oven repair around me, call us right now!