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Oven door not closing tightly in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

The oven door does not fit tightly due to violations of the operating conditions of the appliance.

Often children sit on the open door, and the brackets, not withstanding such stress, bend and do not press the door leaf tightly enough. In this case, repairing the stove at home will not be difficult.

Looseness of the fastening and malfunction of the sealing gasket may also be other factors.

Oven door not closing tightly

Problem solution:

If the reasons lie in the malfunctions of the electric ignition device, the operation of the thermocouple, then you should contact an electrician or another specialist for help.

First of all, we disconnect the door from the device. To do this, you need to:

bend the hinges equipped with latches on both sides of the oven

then you need to press the door to the stop point of the latches

pull it towards you with smooth movements, and then up, and after that the door can easily separate from the unit

in order to get to the support, in many oven models, the side parapets must be removed.

First, we open the clamping lever on the hinges of the part, overcoming resistance, we twist the door three quarters. The cabinet door should be placed on another soft surface to avoid scratches on the outside.

After you remove the sides, you will find brackets that press the door against the unit.

These parts should be carefully examined and, If a defect is detected, eliminate it with a hammer and pliers.

If such machinations did not give positive changes, then the spare part is broken and needs to be replaced with a new one. Find the right bracket for your oven.

And it is better to come to the store with an old part and purchase an identical one in order to avoid unnecessary expenses. If you need help with high-quality oven repair, call us right now!