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Oven fan not working in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

If it happens that the fan does not work in the oven, while the oven itself is functioning, it may be necessary to routinely clean the cooler from dust and grease, as well as renew the lubricant.

The fan during operation passes not only air through the blades, but also the smallest dust particles that are inevitably present in the air. Over time, dust and grease settle on the functional elements of the equipment, which leads to breakdown.

A possible reason due to which the fan in the oven does not work is some kind of disturbance in the wires leading to the fan: breakage or oxidation of contacts,

A burnt out or faulty thermal relay will not transmit correct information to the control module, and will not correctly control the rotation of the fan: as a result, it can either rotate too slowly, or quickly, or unevenly.

Oven fan not working

Problem solution:

If a situation arises in which the oven with a convection and cooling fan does not work, it is necessary to check the cooler for cleanliness.

Inspect the fan blades carefully: they may be deformed. Turn the fan with your hands: if it rotates with difficulty, this means either a broken bearing or a jammed armature. In such situations, it will be safer to replace the entire fan.

If the fan, thermostat, wiring breaks down or contact a service technician. If you need help with emergency oven repair, call us right now!