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Oven igniter not glowing

Issue description:

The reasons why the oven stopped lighting in the kitchen stove are different. A failure may occur in the gas leakage control system - it is relevant for stoves where the indicated system is installed. And in case of problems with turning on the oven on such models, the cause of the malfunction may be: the thermocouple tip has moved from the position indicated for it, and now it does not warm up well

the tip was clogged

there are other problems that require contacting the masters.

Oven igniter not glowing


Lack of air. In such a situation, you can try to light the oven with the door open.

Gas valve. Sometimes consumers simply forget to open a separate gas valve (if installed), and the oven does not turn on for this very reason.

Burner cleaning. When carbon deposits get on this part of the stove, the fuel simply will not reach the desired point due to the insignificant pressure.

To fix the problem, you just need to dismantle the burner and clean the dirty holes.

The burner is warped. Sometimes, due to careless use or careless cleaning of surfaces, the burner can be distorted. Due to its incorrect location, it begins to burn unevenly or the flame acquires an orange tint.

To eliminate the problem, you just need to correct the position of this part.

The gas pressure in the pipe has decreased. Sometimes this also happens, and the weak intensity of the fire does not allow the oven to heat up to the desired level. This malfunction appears very rarely, and to eliminate it, you only need to refuel the cylinder or install a new one. If you need help with oven repair San Jose, call us right now!