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Oven light stops working in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

The reason that when the toggle switch is turned on, there is no lighting in the oven of the electric stove, is mainly the burnout of the light bulb.

Elimination of this malfunction will not present any special problems, it is enough just to replace the burned-out light bulb with a new one.

Oven lighting of the electric stove may not turn on due to a break in the supply wires.

Broken wires can be eliminated quickly and easily, only minor repairs are required. It is much worse if the oven light does not work due to a malfunctioning toggle switch.

In most cases, the repair of the toggle switch is difficult and impractical, the faulty switch is simply replaced with a new one.

Oven light stops working

Problem solution:

To replace the light bulb, unplug the stove from the mains, remove the cover and insert a new light bulb.

A faulty switch must be replaced.

It is better to entrust the search for bad contacts inside the device to a professional.

Search for some breakdowns or failures in the "brain" is better instruct a specialist. If you need help with immediately oven repair, call us right now!