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Oven uneven cooking

Issue description:

The most common problem is burning of the bottom when the top is weakly baked. It is not difficult to cope with this if you understand the reasons.

Any gas oven has a heater on the bottom. Therefore, the main heat input occurs in this plane.

The simplest models are not equipped with additional heat accumulators and have weak ventilation flows. Therefore, there is insufficient convection inside.

Hot air is not evenly distributed. If electric stoves have separate heaters on top, then gas stoves simply cannot have them: the fire will not burn with this arrangement of elements.

Oven uneven cooking


It is possible to figure out what to do if the bottom of the baking burns in a gas oven only by determining the reason. Before using the gas oven, it is especially important to carefully read the instructions.

It is necessary to call the expert or contact the service. If you need help with urgent oven repair, call us right now!