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Oven won't heat

Issue description:

Oven thermostat breakage.

The thermostat regulates the oven temperature automatically. If the thermostat in the oven is broken, it can be easily identified. It is necessary to turn on the oven, set the temperature mode you need and wait a little. If the oven has not warmed up according to the mode you set, then we can assume that the problem is in the thermostat.

Breakdown of the lower heating element.

The lower heating element is used to warm up the oven to high temperatures. It is very easy to understand that the problem lies precisely in him. When the heating element is broken, it does not redden from the high temperature and does not heat up.

You can replace the broken lower heating element with a new one at the service center of kitchen appliances.

Malfunction of the tablet.

The tablet in the oven is a special sensor that protects it from overheating. If the oven overheats, the sensor cuts off the electricity supply to the oven.

It is possible to determine that the reason is in the pill only with the help of a multimeter.

Low voltage.

If the oven does not warm up or simply does not turn on, you need to make sure that it is supplied with the required amount of electricity (220 volts). You can determine the level of electricity using a special device - a voltmeter.

Oven won't heat


Defective ten: Completely de-energize the stove. Remove the panels covering the heating element. Remove the central screw.

Remove the contacts. Get the heating element. Take the tester and press the probe to the contacts of the heating element. If the tester does not respond, then the element must be replaced.

Defective thermostat: Turn the oven on at minimum temperature or slightly higher. Wait 7-10 minutes. A working thermostat will give a signal to turn off the heating. Open the door. A working thermostat will turn on the heating again (if there is an indicator, then you will see how it will light up again).

If at any of the stages you have problems, you need to call the wizard or contact the service for a thermostat replacement. If you need help with oven repair San Jose, call us right now!