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Oven won't heat to the right temperature in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

In the process of baking pastries and other dishes in the oven, it is extremely important to maintain a certain temperature. If you ignore this prescription, the pastry will be spoiled, the dough will not bake or burn. Therefore, with the slightest problems with setting the temperature, it is necessary to find the faulty element as soon as possible and repair it.

Usually, the impossibility of adjusting the temperature in the oven is associated with a malfunction of the sensor or the heating device.

Difficulties with temperature control also occur when the electronic thermostat breaks down. The sensors are combined with microcontrollers by cables. Each wire is calibrated for a specific indicator. In such a case, it is possible to replace a certain failed element - it can be a relay or a microcircuit.

It is necessary to make sure that the voltage is applied to the contact terminals. Ringing of all heaters will allow you to find out if the spirals are overheated, to identify holes in the case. Check each node sequentially.

Oven won't heat to the right temperature

Problem solution:

A number of malfunctions can be identified during a visual inspection, for example, the appearance of carbon deposits on the contacts or a soldered wire. But it's better to use a multimeter. Inspect the wiring and contacts in the oven. Make sure the wires are not melted or burned. A contact may have come loose in the terminal module. To fix the problem, just put it in its original place, and the oven will immediately begin to warm up. In some cases, it is necessary to clean or replace the contacts.

If the problem is in the heating element, you will have to change it. Heater swelling and black spots indicate wear. Additionally, the element is checked with a tester, measuring the resistance level. The heater should normally produce approximately 10 ohms. Failure of the heating element is often caused by a violation of the integrity of the insulation. Failure of switches usually occurs due to clogging. In this case, the system needs cleaning, cleaning the contacts from rust and plaque.

If the temperature regime inside the oven does not correspond to the set one, and it cannot be adjusted, it is necessary to urgently solve the problem. Such a nuisance may be associated with the failure of important elements of the plate. If you need help with home oven repair, call us right now!