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Overheating or uneven heating cooktop

Issue description:

Most of the user complaints that the induction hob does not heat are related to improper selection of cookware:

The containers used must be made of metal with good magnetic properties (stainless steel, cast iron). Induction does not see glass, ceramic, copper and aluminum cookware

Power is turned off if the diameter of the cookware does not match the size of the burner

The induction surface will not heat up if there is no cookware on it - this is due to the principle of operation of such equipment.

If improper operation is excluded and the induction equipment does not work, then it is also necessary to dismantle the panel and carry out an inspection. The most vulnerable parts are transistors, capacitors, diodes and fuses.

Overheating or uneven heating cooktop


If an independent superficial examination does not reveal the cause of the malfunction, it is recommended to contact an experienced technician for a more thorough diagnosis. Errors when connecting nodes can lead to a short circuit and damage to parts of the electrical circuit. If you need help with cooktop repair around me, call us right now!