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Range hood exhaust fan is noisy

Issue description:

Like any other electrical equipment, the cooker hood makes a noise during operation. This is the engine running, the fan rotates, this air passes through the duct into the mine. So even the quietest model will not work without noise at all.

Below we will consider: what level of noise should the hood have, and what to do if it works too loudly. The sound level is influenced by:

Productivity (power) of the hood. The higher it is, the faster the fan rotates, the faster the air goes through the duct, and the more noise you hear.

The plastic fan is too close to the case. In this case, due to the hot air rising from the stove, the plastic blades may deform slightly and cling to the body. The problem is rare, but still occurs.

Range hood exhaust fan is noisy


First of all, you need to clean the fan blades, they can get dirty, which increases the noise and vibrations.

How to achieve the minimum noise level if the hood is not installed yet:

Perform the correct calculation of the hood power - so as not to buy too much powerful model.

Choose the "quietest" model with the required power level. The best option is a built-in (built-in) hood: its body is installed inside the cabinet, which will partially muffle the sound. The cabinet itself can be soundproofed if necessary. The rating of silent hoods can be viewed separately.

Thoroughly observe all the installation rules: the case must necessarily hang rigidly, without the slightest movement in any direction.

Install a plastic air duct, if possible using the minimum number of adapters and turns.

Choose the right duct diameter depending on the power. The smaller the cross-section, the louder the pipe will "sound" due to the strong pressure of the passing air, and vice versa. The more powerful the hood, the larger the diameter of the duct should be. For example, for models with a capacity of under 1000 m? / h, it is recommended to use air ducts with a cross section of 200 mm or more. Air ducts with a cross section of 100 mm will be "quiet" if the exhaust capacity is around 150-200 m? / h.

Choose the correct installation height for the hood. If you hang the case too high, then in order to effectively remove air, the device will have to be turned on at the maximum mode (which means it will work louder).

In addition, sound insulation of the air duct can be used. If you need help with range hood repair around me, call us right now!