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Range hood fan doesn't work in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

If the hood in the kitchen does not work, then one of the typical malfunctions of the hood may be a faulty fan. It just doesn't work or works poorly, which is not enough to suck in the bad smell from the kitchen.

Range hood fan doesn't work

Problem solution:

Fan, fan motor is very difficult to repair. Therefore, you will need to change these elements to new ones. For this, it is advisable to know the name of the spare part according to the manufacturer's catalog number. Algorithm of repair:

make sure that the malfunction is in the exhaust device

select the faulty unit

repair the unit or replace it with a new one

return the serviceable unit to its place

check the operability

Do not forget that work can be associated with a high voltage of 220 volts, life-threatening. Therefore, when self-repairing, you must use a serviceable tool and follow the rules of electrical safety. If you need help with emergency range hood repair, call us right now!