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Range hood grease filter cleaning in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

The process of cooking is accompanied by the formation of combustion products and vapors in the air, which can lead to rapid fatigue of the person in the room and a deterioration in his well-being. If a cooker hood is installed in the kitchen, this problem will not arise, but the efficiency of the appliance depends on the degree and regularity of its maintenance.

Range hood grease filter cleaning

Problem solution:

Before you start cleaning the hood, study the passport of the device and determine the elements that must be dismantled. Grease filters can be disposable and reusable.

Disposable models are made of acrylic, padding polyester - products cannot be cleaned, they must be replaced with new ones as they become dirty.

How to disassemble?

Remove the grease grates (they are attached to the main structure In some cases, to remove the filters, you will need to dismantle the decorative strip).

Hoods without an air duct are equipped with a charcoal filter, which must also be removed and, if dirty, replaced.

Disconnect the exhaust air pipe into the ventilation shaft, remove the air filter, if any.

Determine the degree of contamination of the device box and removable parts, choose the best method for cleaning the device.

You can clean the filters with detergents for plastic, tiles and other materials.

Preparations (sprays, gels) foam well, which ensures the cleaning of the grate in hard-to-reach places. If you need help with high end range hood repair, call us right now!