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Range hood has no power

Issue description:

Why does the hood in the kitchen not draw out air?

It is obvious that the reasons for the unsatisfactory operation of the kitchen hood can be two main factors: either the exhaust ventilation ducts are clogged, or the device is not being used correctly.

normal natural air flow.

Then the operation of the fan only increases the rate of air exchange in the kitchen, which contributes to the rapid cleaning of air masses during cooking.

If the ventilation duct is clogged and does not function well or is very weakly letting in air, it is necessary to take measures for it cleaning. In a private house, you can do it yourself.

Why does the hood itself draw air poorly? The answer to this question suggests itself. Most likely, it is being misused.

Range hood has no power


It is quite easy to check the performance of the ventilation system. A lighter or a thin strip of paper should be brought to the ventilation grill. The deflection of the flame or the movement of the paper strip can be used to judge the efficiency of the exhaust ventilation.

Most often, an increase in unpleasant odors and a decrease in the air flow rate is associated with untimely maintenance of the device. This means failure to comply with the terms of replacement or cleaning of filters.

According to the instructions, the carbon filter must be replaced every 6 months. The grease filter must be cleaned every 3 weeks. If it is disposable, then it should be changed. In this case, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the grill of the hood on which the filter is installed.

Do not forget about the rules for using the device. So, the hood should be turned on in advance, before turning on the stove, and turned off at least 15 minutes after the end of the cooking process.

Then it will have time to remove all unpleasant odors. When the stove is working, the device must also be turned on, otherwise hot air and steam can damage it. Do not use the appliance over an open flame. If you need help with range hood repair San Jose, call us right now!