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Range hood motor not working

Issue description:

A breakdown in the ventilation system in a home kitchen usually occurs due to a malfunction of the electric motor. What could be the problem, how to fix the defect and fix the motor yourself. The main causes of the malfunction are:

Incorrect operation of the exhaust system. The engine may break down due to improper handling of adjacent components. For example, a clogged strainer that traps grease can interfere with motor systems. The filter should be cleaned regularly, about once every three weeks.

New models have an indicator light. When it lights up, then the time comes to replace the filters. The signal is given in case of correct operation not earlier than after two years of engine operation.

Non-observance of the basic rules of operation. The exhaust fan must be turned on with the stove turned off. If you start the air exhaust during cooking, the motor may not withstand temperature changes and break (how to repair a kitchen hood fan with your own hands?). The hood should be turned on 2 minutes before cooking. And after the end, turn off after 15 minutes.

Broken contacts. The motor runs with little vibration, so poor quality contacts may break. This usually happens in Chinese technology.

Incorrect engine installation. Incorrect installation disrupts the air flow, clogs the engine grooves with debris. This can happen due to poor connection of wires in the terminal box or due to strong bending of the corrugation (duct).

Problems with the wiring. Due to frequent short circuits or power drops in the operation of the motor, interference is possible, which leads to breakdown and improper operation.

Range hood motor not working


How to repair a breakdown with your own hands?

With a faulty hood, there is a lack of air in the room. A number of other signs indicate a breakdown of the system: noise, crackling, hum from the chimney

To cope with the problem, you must have basic knowledge of the structure of the ventilation system. This information will help you pinpoint the cause.

Its correct determination can be carried out using the instruction manual. On it, you can thoroughly expand all the elements and understand how to access the engine.

Since it is during operation that the engine breaks down most often. To repair it, you need to prepare a set of tools for dismantling and put on gloves.

To dismantle the engine, you must disassemble the external parts of the kitchen ventilation. In this case, you can access the motor system.

When the motor is removed from the device, check the resistance of its windings. For this, a wiring harness is prepared in advance that go from the board to the electric motor. In this case, you can simultaneously diagnose malfunctions in the motor and try to repair it without removing it from the hood.

The method is less convenient, since a complex of additional work will be required first. It is better to dismantle the engine itself and not touch other parts in the ventilation housing.

Cleaning and checking

Whatever the cause of the ventilation engine breakdown, remove dirt, lubricate the bearing with oil.

The dismantled motor is placed on a horizontal surface and checked starting condensate.

In the absence of a short circuit, it is returned to its place.

If the condender is broken, then it is replaced with a similar in capacity and operating voltage.

After cleaning all the grooves, small parts are well dried. Cleaning can be done with a soft cloth that does not leave streaks or scratches the surface. After cleaning, the serviceability of the engine is checked. The problem of its failure to work could be due to clogging of parts. After cleaning, the structure may become intact.

When the motor is in place, its functionality is checked. If the problem also persists, the ventilation is very poor, then the engine must be replaced or some of its components are broken. The device is again removed from the fan and its functionality is checked in detail. If you need help with high-quality range hood repair, call us right now!