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Refrigerator compressor isn't working in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

The compressor of the refrigerator does not work and does not start usually after a fairly long period of overload or abnormal operation. The operation of the refrigerator is primarily associated with the circulation of the refrigerant in the system, and this process depends on the compressor and its drive.

Refrigerator compressor isn't working

Problem solution:

Replacing the compressor must be justified - this is a matter of competent diagnosis. You will not be able to check the compressor with your own hands and replace it in full compliance with the technology, but you have the opportunity to damage the tubes of the unit, release all the refrigerant or disturb the balance of the unit.

The internal winding of the motor will begin to heat up from overload, which will not withstand such an operating mode for a long time. If it is not stopped by the overheating alarm relay, the winding will burn out. It can be changed, although it is a laborious operation.

Experts' experience suggests that repair with replacement of a compressor is more reliable than attempts to restore an old, worn-out unit. But if its individual parts are worn, for example, rings, sealing gaskets, individual parts of the motor, repair is still possible. Let the technician figure out the causes of the breakdown, and he will offer you solutions to the problem. If you need help with refrigerator repair around me, call us right now!