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Refrigerator coolant leak

Issue description:

An insufficient amount of freon disturbs the thermal balance, uses less heat for evaporation. The reason for the leakage of refrigerant from the refrigerator is almost always due to a violation of the operating instructions:

Improper transportation of the refrigerator, loading and installation with sudden jerks can lead to the destruction of the welding seams.

Speeding up defrosting with mechanical ice breaking with a knife or fork may damage the tubes in the freezer.

Rare defrosting, accumulation of ice, and its melting at the door contribute to rusting of the pipes in the heating circuit. Fistulas form at the bottom where moisture seeps through the seal.

Natural aging of the material, corrosion.

Factory defect.

Refrigerator coolant leak


The problem itself will not be solved, soon all the gas will bleed off, and the products will start to deteriorate. It is necessary to call a technician to fix the damage or replace the evaporator. If you need help with emergency refrigerator repair, call us right now!