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Refrigerator door not closing

Issue description:

The tight-fitting refrigerator door helps to maintain optimal temperature conditions in it. This contributes to long-term storage of products and uninterrupted operation of the unit. If the door stops closing or closes, but does not stick tightly to the body, find out the cause of the problem. Ignoring the malfunction over time will lead to equipment breakdown.

Before contacting a specialist, check:

How food and dishes are located on the shelves.

Do not stick out the handles of pots and pans. If this is the case, the obstructing objects are leveled so that they do not interfere with the closing of the door.

Overloading the door shelves. It is not recommended to put heavy cans and bottles on them. To solve the problem, the shelves are unloaded from some of the products.

The cleanliness of the seal. It is necessary in order for the unit to close tightly. Usually, magnets are installed inside the rubber gasket so that the door attaches to the body. If the seal is not maintained, grease and other contaminants will accumulate on it, which interfere with the operation of the magnet. To solve the problem, the seal is washed with soapy water.

Correctness of installation. If the floor in the room is uneven, and the refrigerator was installed without a building level, it can be tilted to the side or forward. This prevents the door from pressing tightly. In this situation, the device is leveled by twisting the legs or placing a spacer.

Refrigerator door not closing


If everything is correctly positioned inside the appliance, it is clean and level, but the door still does not fit tightly, then the problem is more serious. The refrigerator does not close for the following reasons:

Door deformation. If twisted or damaged, it will not fit snugly against the body. Reasons for breakdown: falling during transportation, frequent overloading of heavy products. The door is adjusted and outweighed or completely changed.

The seal is damaged. During operation, it wears out, loses its elasticity, and cracks. Gaps appear, into which warm air seeps. In this case, the gum is changed independently or contact a qualified technician.

Incorrect rod installation. If in a new household appliance the door is pushed back when closed, then the lighting part is not positioned correctly. It is carried deeper, the repair is carried out by a qualified master.

Wear of the spacer. It loosens during long-term use of the refrigerator, and the door starts to open. Repair and replacement of the arc will be required.

Loosening of the hinges. They wear out during operation, as a result, the door does not close well. To solve the problem, they are tightened with a hexagon. If after this the problem persists, the loops are replaced with new ones.

Signal sensor breakage. If an electronic device breaks down, it gives false signals about an open door. In this case, the wizard is called. If you need help with affordable refrigerator repair, call us right now!