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Refrigerator freezer not freezing

Issue description:

Why could the freezer stop freezing? There are many details that affect the operation of the freezer:

The motor, which is directly responsible for the operation of the freezer. If it turns on, runs for a few seconds and immediately turns off, it means that the motor-compressor is broken. There are two reasons for this malfunction. The first is that the refrigerator has been around for many years and the motor has never been replaced. The second is a high load on the motor (set the minimum temperature on the thermostat on a hot summer day).

Freezer motor. The motor runs, but rests for a very long time. If the refrigerator has an electronic control unit, then there is a problem with the air sensor. It is necessary to transmit information to the control unit that the temperature rises in the freezer, but that does not start the motor.

Thermostat. The freezer works, but it doesn't freeze well. This problem often applies to no-frost refrigerators that operate without frost. The switching valve is out of order. It is needed to switch the temperature between refrigerator and freezer. The valve switched and stopped at the refrigerator, so the temperature in the freezer will be equal to the temperature in the refrigerator.

The freezer began to freeze weakly, and then stopped freezing altogether. The frost in the chamber is maintained by a gas called freon. Most likely, it was leaked. It is necessary to fill the freezer with freon. You also need to find the place where it came from and patch it up. Rust begins to accumulate in the freezer. This can lead to vaporization of the freon as rust can make holes. If the drainage system is broken, water will constantly accumulate inside. Over time, this will lead to rust. It eats away at the plastic, and holes appear on it through which freon evaporates.

Refrigerator freezer not freezing


To restore the operation of the refrigerator freezer, one of the following actions is necessary: replacing the compressor, replacing the air sensor, installing a new thermostat, replacing the switch, filling the freezer with freon and detecting and sealing the place where it came from. Best of all, a professional specialist of our company will cope with this, call us. If you need help with urgent refrigerator repair, call us right now!