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Refrigerator is noisy or loud

Issue description:

You can listen to the sounds of a working refrigerator for a long time, but there are a number of the most probable ones:

Touching the compressor water sump creates additional vibration and noise. A simple pull-out of the pallet will correct the situation.

Uneven surface on which the refrigerator stands. It is very easy to fix this problem with your own hands.

Loose shock mountings cause noise and vibration. Tighten them while listening carefully to the refrigerator.

The compressor itself is noisy. The reason is the relatively high pressure of freon. A specialist consultation is needed here.

Transport bolts. A very common cause of noise is bolts that were simply not removed after installation.

A two-compressor refrigerator is always louder than a single-compressor model.

Compressor wear causes a loud noise, which can only be eliminated by a specialist or replacement of equipment with a new one.

Lack of natural ventilation. The refrigerator must not be placed close to walls and furniture, this will cause overheating and overload of the compressor. Install it away from walls and surrounding furniture.

Freon leak. Added to the noise is the absence of cold in the equipment, that is, its main function. Only a specialist or buying a new refrigerator will help here.

Voltage surges. If the outlet is working, but the electricity supply is unstable, it is worth connecting the refrigerator to an uninterruptible power supply. Yes, it happens that equipment can simply fail for this reason.

Refrigerator is noisy or loud


You just need to pay attention to the unusual sound of the cooling equipment, but be sure to be aware of situations where noise is completely normal. And, of course, correct operation of the refrigerator can extend its life and reduce all extraneous noise to a minimum. Install the equipment on a flat surface, provide natural ventilation, wipe the back of the refrigerator from dust and evenly distribute food inside. If you cannot get rid of the noise on your own, contact our specialists. If you need help with high-quality refrigerator repair, call us right now!