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Refrigerator is warm in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

A refrigerator is one of the most important household items of a modern person. Freezing and cooling of food falls on his shoulders. However, it often happens that the refrigerator seems to work, but the food is warm. What to do in this case, and how serious is the breakdown?

If the refrigerator retains heat and not cold, the cause of this phenomenon must be sought based on the unit's device. The Internet is full of photos and diagrams that fully illustrate the design of the refrigerating chamber. Before sounding the alarm, check if the door is tightly closed. If the tightness of the cabinet is violated, the cold begins to go beyond its limits, and heat, on the contrary, penetrates. So, what other causes of sudden warming in the refrigerator:

Door. Check it out in the refrigerator first, and then pay attention to the freezer. If the refrigerator is warm and the freezer is operating normally, then the problem is most likely in the door. If a breakdown had occurred in the cooling system, the unit would have completely stopped freezing.

Fan. The refrigerator may be warm if the fan is icy in it. A common reason for this is long-term operation without defrosting. The first sign of anxiety may be the quiet operation of the appliance, as well as the fact that the freezer has ceased to perform its direct function. Fixing such a breakdown is easy, just defrost the refrigerator.

High temperature difference. The refrigerator may turn into a warm place due to an error in setting the temperature. Surely in 40-degree heat, you set the maximum cooling value. This situation threatens to break down the compressor.

Refrigerator is warm

Problem solution:

If you have checked the entire apparatus, eliminated obvious reasons, but the refrigerator is still warm, then it's time to call the wizard.

Breakdown of the refrigerating chamber can occur due to the leakage of freon, which is located along the circuit of the unit. The cause of the leak may be damage to that very circuit as a result of careless handling. Freon leakage threatens to disrupt the entire cooling system. It is almost impossible to immediately suspect the cause of the breakdown. The refrigerator works as before, the motor is working properly, the lamp is on. The main sign of such a breakdown is that the unit does not freeze. The visiting master will identify the damage and fill the cooling system with the necessary gas.

There are times when the engine hums, the lamp is on, and the refrigerator is warm. The cause of this phenomenon can be a coating of rust on the contour. This is due to increased condensation. The mechanism of damage is simple: water gets on the plastic, forming microcracks in it, through which freon seeps. All this interferes with the correct operation of the cooling system. To normalize the temperature in the refrigerator, you need to call the master. He will replace the damaged part of the circuit and fill the unit with freon. Prevention of malfunction: constant monitoring of the device and timely removal of accumulated liquid. You can also extend the life of the appliance if you do not plug it in immediately after defrosting. Let the refrigerator dry first.

Why else does the refrigerator get warm? Lack of defrosting leads to the accumulation of thick pieces of ice and frost on the walls. All this disturbs the cooling system and leads to the leakage of freon. Such a breakdown cannot be eliminated simply by calling the wizard. In such cases, the refrigerator is delivered to the service center, where the circuit is replaced and the systems are refueled with freon. If you need help with refrigerator repair around me, call us right now!