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Refrigerator not cold enough

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If the refrigerator does not freeze and does not cool, there can be many reasons for failure. However, it also happens that the refrigerator has stopped cooling, and the freezer continues to work without interruption. In such a situation, it is easier to calculate the malfunction. After reading this article, you will learn what can cause warming in the refrigerator compartment and how to fix it.

Refrigerator not cold enough


Make sure that the chamber door closes securely without being obstructed by the handle of the pot or any other protruding object.

If you've recently moved your refrigerator, it might be too close to a heat source such as a radiator or a stove. Due to the fact that the device is constantly heating up on one side, the compressor cannot cope with its cooling.

A freezer set at the lowest temperature can also overload the compressor, especially in summer. The refrigerator does not cool: the freezer draws on all resources. From now on, refrain from constantly using this mode: it is turned on for a short time, when a large amount of food is shock-frozen.

Owners of models with the No Frost system should listen to: whether there is a characteristic fan sound from time to time. Sometimes a layer of ice forms around it, which prevents the blades from rotating. Without hearing the fan, try defrosting the refrigerator. If the problem disappeared and did not return within 1-2 weeks, it was not caused by a breakdown.

If the above measures did not help, and even after defrosting the refrigerator does not cool, you cannot cope on your own. If you need help with home refrigerator repair, call us right now!