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Refrigerator water in bottom

Issue description:

Water in the refrigerator is a symptom that should not be overlooked. It indicates malfunctions that lead to incorrect operation of the device and an increase in temperature in the chamber, which is fraught with premature spoilage of food. In addition, water seeps through the slots into the critical components of the device, leading to wear and corrosion. In the end, such a unit will simply fail. Why does water appear in the refrigerator?

The reason for the strong icing with the formation of water in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator is a loosely closed door. But more often it happens that water flows from the lower cabinet of the refrigerator when the cooling circuit is not working.

If the refrigerator is equipped with drip defrost, a likely reason why water is collecting at the bottom will be freezing or clogged drainage. If it was not possible to clean the tube with a syringe, a special brush will help, but you need to be careful - the material is fragile. If the tube is frozen, it is better to defrost the refrigerator completely.

If there are problems with icing in the No Frost refrigerator or if water flows from the refrigerator, creating a puddle on the floor, it is necessary to clean the drain tube that collects condensation behind the chamber wall and feeds into the tray above the compressor.

But why can water appear on the lower shelves of the refrigerator? The Know Frost system carries humid air out of the refrigerator, and condensate settles on the evaporator tubes. The heating element for defrosting turns on and water drops from the evaporator radiator flow into the drain. But if the tube freezes over, the water will remain behind the wall and will look for leaks. Further, it will accumulate below.

The water seeped into the joints of the casing freezes in the refrigerator under the boxes. This is the main reason why freezer drawers freeze in and water builds up near the door. There is a heating circuit.

Refrigerator water in bottom


If the drain in the refrigerator equipped with No Frost is clogged, water will stand in the bottom and in the upper chamber. To fix the problems, defrost the refrigerator and call the wizard. In some refrigerated trucks, the reason is hidden in the design - the intersection of the cold and condensate circuit. Only a specialist can dilute the tubes. If you need help with immediately refrigerator repair, call us right now!