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Sheet of ice on the bottom of the freezer

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Does the refrigerator freeze, the compressor is hot and the system is all running? These are symptoms of a serious breakdown, so time-consuming diagnostics and repairs is unnecessary, because this is the only way you will be able to protect your household appliances from serious troubles!

During operation, the refrigerator freezer creates sub-zero temperatures, and in some cases even more.

no matter how well the seal between the doors and the body of the refrigeration unit is made, cold leaks occur, which lowers the temperature on the side walls of the refrigerator and the interchamber partition.

Sheet of ice on the bottom of the freezer


In order to prevent such negative phenomena in most two-chamber refrigerators, condenser tubes are placed in an insulating layer around the perimeter of the freezer, which heats up during operation. Such tubes also fit into the side walls, which is why the refrigerator heats up between the refrigerating and freezing chambers, and the side walls are also heated. In fact, this should not be a cause for concern and may indicate that your refrigerator is functioning properly. This circumstance can explain why the refrigerator heats up between the freezer and the refrigerator.

In some cases, instead of tubes for heating, tape electric heaters are used, which are attached from the inside, it is because of them that the Atlant refrigerator heats up between the chambers.

send the refrigerator for urgent repairs, the places where the refrigerator is heated between the freezer and the chamber should be kept clean and then they will remain dry even with very strong temperature changes.

Thus, we found out why the refrigerator heats up between the chambers and works properly. Now there will be no question why the refrigerator is hot between the freezer and the refrigerator. If you need help with freezer repair, call us right now!

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