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Smell coming from kitchen fan

Issue description:

The hood cleans the air in the kitchen from various unpleasant odors and substances that usually appear during cooking. Unfortunately, even if this device is used as carefully as possible, over time it still fails. And then you have to solve the problem: contact the service center or try to repair the hood yourself.

Smell coming from kitchen fan


The guarantee of the smooth operation of the hood is compliance with the rules of its operation and timely maintenance. If the cooker hood often works with the gas burner switched on, on which there is no utensil with the dish being prepared, then you should not be surprised why it stopped working. With this operation, filters clog up very quickly, so the engine overheats, which can cause damage to this kitchen equipment.

Operating rules state that the hood should be turned on five minutes before the start of cooking, and turned off fifteen minutes after it is finished,. If this condition is not observed, odors will remain in the room. If the hood is operated correctly, but it does not remove odors well, the reason may be clogged filters.

Fat deposits gradually accumulate on the surfaces of the filters, which block the ventilation openings. As a result, the engine does not have enough power to draw in air. The solution to the problem is to clean or replace the filters.

In the case when the filters are clean, but vapors still remain in the room, you should check the duct and ventilation shaft. The ventilation system must have good natural draft. Clogged ventilation creates a heavy load on the hood. The presence of draft in the ventilation system can be checked with a burning match or lighter. If you need help with range hood repair, call us right now!