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Stove burner doesn't light

Issue description:

With a faulty electrical ignition, there may be no sparks from the spark plug at all and, accordingly, the gas will not ignite, or the spark will be weak and there will be no ignition, or the gas will not always ignite. Hobs from different manufacturers have almost the same electric ignition device, as well as gas stoves have a similar ignition structure.

Stove burner doesn't light


To restore a stable flame, proceed as follows:

Using a Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the retaining screw and remove the protective cover

Using a hexagonal bit, unscrew the retaining screw, remove the nozzle and clean the passageways

Unscrew the second retaining screw and remove the guide pipe

Unscrew the nozzle and remove the mesh from it

Blow out the nozzle hole with a pump and rinse the nozzle hole with a syringe, rinse the mesh with alcohol

Check and, if necessary, clean the burner inlet opening by unscrewing the gas regulator lock with a hexagonal bit, and check rubber seals

Reassemble in reverse order. If you need help with urgent stove repair, call us right now!