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Stove pilot light goes out

Issue description:

Modern ovens, both gas and electric, are equipped with lighting for ease of use. The light turns on automatically when the oven is turned on and turns off after it cools down. But sometimes it happens that the lighting continues to burn even after you turn off the oven. Why is this happening and how to fix the situation? Possible causes of breakdown:

If the light in the oven does not light up, the reasons are quite simple to determine. Most likely, she either burned out, or her contacts were broken. Oven lighting often fails due to high temperatures or frequent use of pyrolysis.

Stove pilot light goes out


The problem is usually solved by ringing the contacts to determine the problem or replacing the light bulb. To eliminate a breakdown, you need to know exactly its causes. To determine the contact closure, it is necessary to ring the lamp connection wire with a multimeter. You can try to clean the relay contacts yourself, if you know where it is and how it works.

But if you are not sure about the cause of the malfunction, do not have the necessary skills in electronics and do not have the necessary tools, it is better not to undertake repairs yourself. Without finding out exactly the cause of the breakdown, it is impossible to fix it. It is better to immediately contact a specialist. If you need help with high end stove repair, call us right now!