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Stove surface burner won't light in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Modern gas stoves are simple and convenient to use. It is enough to press the auto ignition button, turn the power knob - and the burner lights up. However, sometimes users suddenly discover that the burner does not work.

Usually housewives are faced with the following situations:

The burner ignites, but as soon as you release the handle, it goes out.

The burner does not turn on by autoignition, but if you take a match the old fashioned way and set it on fire - everything works as it should.

The burner does not ignite at all: neither from the electric ignition, nor from a match.

Stove surface burner won't light

Problem solution:

If you find that the burner is not on, first you should exclude the following situations:

Gas is cut off. Check if someone in the household has turned off the gas pipe valve.

The stove is unplugged. In this case, the burner will ignite from the match, but the autoignition will not work.

The plug, cord is damaged or the socket is faulty. As a rule, damage is visible visually. The outlet can be checked by plugging in a working device, such as an electric kettle. If this is the case, unplug the stove and contact an electrician.

Is everything ok? Then follow the following recommendations:

If the flame ignites but immediately goes out, keep the throttle knob pressed for a longer time. The flame sensor in the gas control system may not have time to heat up. Because of this, the gas control cuts off the fuel supply, as it "considers" that the flame has not ignited.

If the burner ignites unevenly, when the flame ignites on one side and then goes out, the reason is burner contamination. In this case, gas control can also work, especially if the temperature sensor is located on the side where there are no flame tongues. To rectify the problem, clean the holes in the burner. When the flame begins to ignite around its entire circumference, the problem will disappear.

If, when examining a switched on burner, you see that the flame is orange and smoky, most likely you installed the burner at an angle. Often this happens after washing the stove. The burner may go out after ignition, since, again, the gas control temperature sensor does not have time to warm up, and the gas control shuts off the fuel supply. Turn off the hotplate and set the burner level - the problem will be solved.

If the burner burns weakly or does not ignite even from a match, the gas pressure may have dropped. This rarely happens when connected to a centralized network. But users of cylinders often face such a problem when the gas in it runs out. To solve the problem, just change the cylinder to a new one.

If none of the options described above worked, most likely - we are talking about a breakdown of the gas stove. If you need help with affordable stove repair, call us right now!