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Stove terminal block melted

Issue description:

The hob stopped working, and the oven was working, when disassembling the stove it was revealed that it was melted in the terminal block. Replacing a defective pad is half the battle, but what is the reason for melting?

The most likely cause of melting is loose contact with the pad. Also, the block could melt due to the high load on the terminals when high values ??of electric current pass through it. This is due to a short circuit in the wires to the housing or a breakdown to the heating element housing. There are other reasons for this malfunction: it is contamination of contacts, insufficient amortization, weak contact.

Stove terminal block melted


A defective shoe must be replaced. Try to pull on the clamps harder when replacing the pads. But before starting work, first check the heating element and wires for a short to the case! If you need help with urgent stove repair, call us right now!