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Stove thermostat not working

Issue description:

The thermostat is a part that does not often fail, but it is still possible. This part is responsible for the temperature inside the oven. And if the thermostat does not work correctly or does not work at all, it will affect the quality of the prepared dishes.

There are two types of thermostats - electronic-mechanical and electronic. But, regardless of this, if the part does not work correctly, or does not work at all, then a replacement is urgently required.

Stove thermostat not working


To make sure that this is the thermostat, do the following:

Take a thermometer to measure the temperature of the air and put it in the oven.

Turn the regulator to the minimum temperature setting.

After a few minutes, the thermostat should work and turn off the heating elements or heating elements of the oven.

After that, you need to compare the temperature on the thermometer and it is compared with the indicator that is set on the regulator.

If the indicators differ, and this error is more than 10 degrees, then this means that the thermostat does not work properly and needs to be replaced. If you need help with immediately stove repair, call us right now!