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Stove won't light

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A gas stove, a household appliance that is used daily and not even once a day. The failure of the gas stove forces the owner to eliminate the malfunction as soon as possible in order to re-enter it into working condition.

There are not so many reasons why the gas stove does not ignite. The first and simplest thing is to check if the gas supply valve on the gas pipe is closed. It often happens that the owner turns off the tap on his own and, forgetting about it, worries - why the gas stove does not ignite.

The second reason why the gas stove does not ignite is various malfunctions in the electric ignition system.

The gas stove does not ignite - malfunctions electric ignition.

Electric ignition consists of: a start button, a spark plug (which gives a spark to the burner) and an ignition unit (which generates a spark).

When the gas stove does not ignite, and the spark when the electric ignition is turned on is weak, intermittent and yellowish, then most likely the electric ignition unit needs to be replaced. A bright blue spark, indicates the health of the electric ignition unit. To replace the electric ignition blog, it is necessary to disassemble the upper part of the gas stove.

The electric ignition plug does not spark, therefore, the gas stove does not ignite. Replacement of the spark plug is required. If all the candles on the gas stove are of the same age, it is recommended to replace all candles at a time if one fails. Since, if one candle is out of order, then the shelf life of the others is coming to an end, and to replace the spark plug, it is necessary to disassemble the entire upper part of the stove. Replacing all the candles at the same time will be the best solution to the problem for a long time.

The gas stove does not light up after cleaning the burners. Damp, after cleaning or for other reasons, the burner may not ignite well. The electric ignition does not work due to the high electrical conductivity of the water, the spark may go in the wrong direction. The situation can be corrected in the following way: disconnect the stove from the electricity for a couple of days, use external sources of ignition of the burners, the stove will dry out and the electric ignition will start working correctly again.

Nozzle clogging, heavy contamination of the burner can be the reason that the gas stove does not ignite. Cleaning the burner from contamination will help to correct the situation.

Another reason that the gas stove does not light up is various malfunctions in the operation of the gas control system.

Stove won't light


Some small problems due to which the gas stove does not ignite can be eliminated on your own, but the main malfunctions of the gas stove are best left to specialists. If you need help with stove repair San Jose, call us right now!

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