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Stove won't self clean

Issue description:

Oven self-cleaning is a series of technologies that allow you to get rid of contamination after cooking with minimal human intervention. These include catalytic cleaning, pyrolysis and steam cleaning. Self-cleaning ovens free the hostess from titanic labor, but each of the cleaning methods is effective to a different degree.

The most effective is the pyrolytic self-cleaning of the oven, which burns food contamination in the entire chamber at a temperature of 480-500 ° C. The cleaning process is started manually when the oven is empty and can take about two hours.

But what to do if the oven is empty - all baking sheets and guides are removed. However, when starting the self-cleaning function, the oven beeps. According to the instructions, this means that not all attachments have been removed. But there is nothing else left - the oven is completely empty. What could be the catch? The most likely cause is a problem with the sensor that monitors the presence of dishes and trays in the oven. He either fused alone, or got dirty, or completely out of order

Stove won't self clean


Thorough cleaning or replacement of the sensor with a new one is required. If you need help with stove repair around me, call us right now!