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Top burners on electric cooktop aren't working

Issue description:

When one, several or all of the hotplates of an electric stove does not work and does not turn on, the reasons can be very different: among them there are simple ones that you can easily fix yourself (problems with the outlet or power cable, incorrectly selected cookware for the induction cooker), and complex, which can only be repaired by a qualified professional technician, for example, a malfunction of the control module or problems in the internal wiring.

What to do if the burner of an electric stove, hob or induction hob does not turn on? How to clarify the root cause of the breakdown, and what is the best thing to do in such a situation?

In most cases, the lack of electricity is to blame, but the reasons for this may be different. In modern devices, sometimes the inclusion of a heating element is blocked by its electronics, for example, with a faulty thermostat.

Electricity problems can be with a particular hotplate, for example, due to a violation of its wiring. To accurately establish the cause, and even more so, to correct it, you need an experienced specialist with the necessary equipment and the electrical circuit of the stove.

The burners may not turn on due to the fact that the wires in the terminal block were initially connected incorrectly when the stove was installed. For example, in touch panels in the block, the electronics of the stove are powered through one terminal, and the burners are powered through the others: if the connection is incorrect, a situation may arise when all the indicators are on and the sensors react, but the burners do not turn on.

Situations are not excluded, of course, when, after long-term operation, the contacts in the terminal block have oxidized or were damaged: it is necessary to inspect the contacts in the block, clean them and reconnect them.

One of the most common causes of an inoperative burner is a burnt-out heating element: a spiral or nichrome thread. The burned-out coil will have to be replaced. By the way, in modern stoves, one burned out burner can block the inclusion of the entire electric stove.

Malfunction of the switch regulating its heating. Prolonged service under severe high temperature conditions may loosen the contact springs or burn the contacts themselves. In order to determine for yourself that it is the broken switch that is to blame, you can try to connect another burner to it, but we do not advise you to engage in such complex experiments without special training. The defective switch must be replaced.

Top burners on electric cooktop aren't working


Many people believe that it is very easy to fix an electric stove at home without the assistance of a specialist. This is an extremely erroneous opinion, which can lead to various troubles (from injury to additional financial expenses).

On their own, you can fix only minor problems (for example, check the network connection or disable the child lock). In other cases, it is better to contact the service center engineers.

It is also not recommended to check the level of the hotplate by hand (especially on glass-ceramic hobs: in such a stove, when the power is turned off, it immediately turns black, but remains very hot), since there is a large risk of burns. You need to focus on the residual heating indicators: if they go out, then the burner has cooled down. If you need help with emergency cooktop repair, call us right now!