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Top burners on gas cooktop aren't working

Issue description:

Regardless of the model and manufacturer, the gas hob can stop functioning properly at any time. The flame is of the wrong color or not uniform, the ignition does not want to work as expected, the gas control solenoid valve closes - there are many options for problems. And, if the burner on the gas stove does not work, then, first of all, there is a desire to contact the company with which you have concluded a contract for the supply of blue fuel.

If the burner on the gas stove does not burn well or does not ignite, then you must first turn off the equipment from gas and electricity. Inspection and repair of the hob is allowed only after shutting off the gas fuel supply.

Many modern gas stoves are equipped with electronics and automatic ignition systems that require power supply. Often, inexperienced home craftsmen, when working with a gas hob, forget about this feature of this appliance. As a result, sparks ignite methane vapors. Therefore, before starting the repair, it is recommended to disconnect from the network not only the stove itself, but in general all electrical appliances in the kitchen.

Problems with the burners of the gas stove arise due to:

incorrect operation of the solenoid valve and / or thermocouple

nozzles clogged with grease and soot

malfunctioning spark plugs

long interruption in service of gas equipment

Top burners on gas cooktop aren't working


It is recommended to take on the repair of a gas stove with your own hands only if you are sure that you will do everything correctly. There are no particular difficulties in these works, but you can break something through carelessness or ignorance.

You can clean or replace the burner on the gas stove yourself. But if the problem area is a meter, directly a gas pipe (cylinder) or an external gas sensor, then it is better to abandon arbitrariness. If you need help with home cooktop repair, call us right now!