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Washer is making strange sounds in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

One of the most common causes of unusual noises in a washing machine is the presence of foreign objects in the washing machine drum. Years of experience have shown that the most common items that hit the drum are coins and bra bones. But objects that fall between the drum and the tub of the washing machine are already very likely to damage the machine. And besides, they will undoubtedly cause unusual noise during its operation. It is interesting that when you rotate the drum manually, you will most likely not hear any extraneous noise.

The washing machine makes a lot of noise even without foreign objects inside. Try the following:

control the work, be near

determine in which mode the sound appears - draining, washing, spinning watch when it disappears altogether, reappears

record the moments when the sound changes volume or characteristic sounds

This information will help fix the problem. Even if you can't do it, the repairman will need it.

Washer is making strange sounds

Problem solution:

The sound caused by vibration is like rattling, knocking; sometimes the washing machine moves away from the initial setting. Check the horizontal installation. Adjust the feet of the washing machine with the adjusting screws.

Optionally place cushioning pads or a mat under the feet. This will reduce the noise level and protect the downstairs neighbors from impact noise.

Check the transport screws that protect the CM during transport. They sometimes remain screwed in after installation.

Try removing the top cover to check the spring bumpers. There are also shock absorbers underneath the car and their device is different from the top ones. You can check them by removing the front panel or the back, but entrust this work to the master.

Evenly distribute the drum load so that there is no load imbalance.

The fastening of the part may be loosened and a sound is generated.

Extraneous noise when the pump is running

Regularly check the fluff filter installed at the pump inlet of the washing machine according to the instruction manual. The collected villi will knock into a bundle and create friction against the pump impeller, additional noise will appear. Procedure in this case:

After finishing the work of the CM, open the lower decorative panel and free access to the drain of the remaining water from the tank of the washing machine through the drain hose.

Unscrew the filter, clean the sump in front of the pump. Wipe the walls of the chamber dry, rinse the lint filter with warm water, wipe it, check the rubber gasket and put everything in place.

If the drain is clogged or clogged, the load on the pump will increase, which will affect the nature of the noise, strained engine operation. If the changes are within the permissible limits of the program, the CM will work, otherwise it will turn off and display an error code.

The sound of the LG, Indesit, Electrolux washing machines is barely perceptible when the pump is running. The hydraulic part of the transfer pump pump is made of composite materials and works durable and quietly, therefore, an extraneous sound in the pump operation will indicate a problem associated with the mechanical part. pump motors. Therefore, if you have done the work on cleaning the filter, and the noise has not been eliminated, then there may be a problem with the engine.

Extraneous sounds are the first signal that the SM has problems. Diagnosing sounds is challenging. One can only speculate on the options. Do not try to solve complex problems on your own so as not to break the washing machine. This requires experience and knowledge of the CM device. Contact the service center, explain the problem. Learn how to service and care for your helper. If you need help with emergency washing machine repair, call us right now!