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Washer leaking water in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Regardless of the brand of washing equipment and its functionality, its operational period is 7-15 years. However, power outages, high hardness of the water used and various mechanical damage lead to interruptions in the operation of the system elements.

We will look at why the CMA does not turn on, how to establish the cause of such a breakdown and fix the malfunction.

What to check first?

If the washing machine does not start, this does not mean that it should be thrown away. To begin with, you can conduct an independent diagnosis - sometimes breakdowns are so insignificant that you can cope with the problem even without contacting the service center specialists. The appliance may not start the wash cycle at once for several reasons. If they are quickly identified, you can extend the service life of the machine for a few more years.

Availability of electricity supply

First of all, you should make sure that there are no power outages in the network. If at the moment the plug is plugged into the outlet, the electronic monitor does not light up and the device does not start washing, then it is likely that the current supply to the machine has stopped. The most common reason is interruptions in the electrical panel, breakdown of the circuit breaker, as well as the emergency shutdown of units with RCDs.

The machine can knock out at the moment of a short circuit or during sudden power surges. To ensure its functionality, you should check the correctness and accuracy of its inclusion. When the machines are knocked out, the lever will be in the “off” (bottom) position, but if immediately after switching on the mechanism still does not work, therefore, it needs to be replaced.

RCD may trip when a current leak appears to prevent a fire hazard. Devices of poor quality work quite often, so you need to check their functionality.

Plugging in the machine

If power outages are excluded, then you need to check that the machine is plugged in. The fact is that during use the wires are constantly subjected to various kinds of deformations - tension, as well as creases, pinching and bending, therefore, the possibility that they are damaged during service is also not excluded. To diagnose the cause of the malfunction, you should inspect the cord and plug - if you see signs of plastic melting or burning, as well as smell a pungent smell, then this section of the wiring needs to be replaced.

How to recognize a breakdown in technology?

Complaints that SMA does not turn on, they have a variety of manifestations that may accompany a similar problem:

when you press the "Start" button, the unit does not give any signals

after switching on, only one indicator blinks, and nothing else works

after an unsuccessful attempts to start all the light indicators are on and blinking at once

Sometimes the machine clicks and cracks, while the motor does not work, respectively, the drum does not rotate, water is not collected and the CMA does not start to wash. If you are sure that the current flows freely into the washing machine, then you need to take a series of measurements. They will allow you to identify the cause of the breakdown of the internal elements.

The lack of start of washing is often associated with the breakdown of the "Power on" button. A similar problem is common in the latest CMA models, in which the current is supplied from the power cord directly to the button. In order to diagnose the health of an element, you need to perform a number of simple steps:

disconnect the equipment from the power supply

lift the upper panel of the unit

disconnect the control unit, which contains the button

disconnect the wiring and button connection area

connect a multimeter and calculate the supply of electric current in the ON mode

If the button is functional, the device emits a corresponding sound.

Washer leaking water

Problem solution:

Ways of troubleshooting

Depending on the identified cause of the malfunction, the device may require:

simple repair - such malfunctions can be installed on your own without contacting the master and complex repair - it includes comprehensive diagnostics, replacement of individual units and, as a rule, is quite expensive If you need help with high-quality washing machine repair, call us right now!