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Washer won't finish cycle

Issue description:

Now the washing machine does not finish the washing program, why is this happening and what to do?

There are quite a few reasons, some of them can be eliminated only in the service, for example, the control module is out of order, it needs to be replaced in some cases, repair.

less serious reasons and possible self-repair:

The drain hose is not installed correctly, the water is drained randomly (the hose is installed below the permissible level) the washing machine continues to draw and drain water, the washing cycle does not stop.

There may be a problem in the inlet hose (inlet) it is pinched, the washing machine does not collect water.

Perhaps the heating element is out of order, it does not heat the water and the washing machine does not complete the wash cycle.

Washer won't finish cycle


Remove the kink in the hose.

Turn off the water, unscrew the nut of the inlet hose, carefully remove the filter from the housing with pliers and rinse it.

The heating element changes to a new one, first try to clean the existing heating element from scale, perhaps the reason is this.

From - due to scale, the washing machine starts to wash again without completing the previous wash cycle, the heating element is slow, or does not heat the water at all (does not heat).

Temperature sensors or a water level sensor may be out of order (or fail), in this case it is required replacing them.

Perhaps the washing machine "stuck" when draining, the reason is in the drain filter, I cleaned this filter on my Samsung washing machine and the problem was eliminated, the filter requires periodic cleaning.

A more serious problem with draining is possible. the drain pump (pump) has failed and needs to be replaced. If you need help with affordable washing machine repair, call us right now!