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Washer won't run or stops mid cycle

Issue description:

Reasons for stopping the washing machine during washing: housewives are often themselves unwittingly guilty of malfunctions. Inattentively read the instructions, did not study the features of each program enough - and now your favorite washing machine simply stuck in the middle of the cycle! If the reason for the breakdown really lies in improper operation, then the machine will be able to reanimate itself.

Failure to comply with the loading of the washing machine, overloading

The most common reason for stopping the washing machine during operation is its overload. If the machine is overloaded, this is already detected at the beginning of the cycle. In modern models, there are special sensors that immediately determine the weight of the laundry and give a sound signal when overloaded. In past generations, the drum spins very slowly, as if through force. And soon the washing machine stops completely during the wash.

Washer won't run or stops mid cycle


Incorrect program selection

The machine may stop while washing on delicate modes. This may cause the drum to be half full of water. In this case, you need to independently set the mode for removing water, and if necessary, spinning.


Another reason for an abnormal stop of the machine is the uneven distribution of things in the drum. This can happen with bed linen - it absorbs all the water, crumples in the lower part of the drum, thus preventing it from making a full turn. The situation can arise not only during the main wash stage, but also during spinning. Often the stop is preceded by a thud or vibration.

What to do in this situation? Open the loading door and use your hands to evenly distribute the items in the drum. After a minute, continue washing on the set mode.

An imbalance of things can occur when washing a down jacket or bulky bolognese pants. The filler collects water at the bottom of the drum and the machine stops working. In such a situation, it is worth using the proven folk way - to wash the down jacket along with tennis balls.

Failure in program control

The washing machine may also turn off due to program failures. For example, if the washing process consists of several steps. When the soak and main wash modes are set, the intelligent technology will stop after the first stage. The second part of the wash will have to be reinstalled.

Sometimes the equipment can freeze for no apparent reason. It also counts as a software glitch. In this case, you just need to reboot it:

press the shutdown button, wait a minute and turn on the machine again

if the disconnection from the button did not save the situation, you must disconnect the machine from the mains

after a few minutes the machine turns on and the cycle starts again.

Serious breakdowns

Even with careful use of the washing machine, serious breakdowns can occur in the body. Important elements fail, and until they are replaced it is impossible and even dangerous to use the machine.

Failure of the tubular electric heater (TEN)

Another common failure is the failure of the heating element. How to define it? The machine freezes at the initial stage of washing - the water simply does not heat up. The system interprets this as a failure and the loop does not start. In the latest models, the display shows an error code. The decoding of the code should be found in the instructions.

Unfortunately, preventing the breakdown of the heating element is problematic. The water in the city water supply system is saturated with salts and other impurities that settle on the heating element. Experts recommend adding special anti-limescale additives to washing powder.

System drain dirty.

The machine stopped during spinning, does not remove water from the drum and hums? These are signs of a clogged drain system. You can try to restore work in several ways.

Solving the overload problem is simple - you need to extract a few things and restart the cycle. In the future, it is worth filling the drum no more than 2/3 of its volume. You can also use a household balance to weigh dirty laundry. If you need help with washing machine repair near me, call us right now!