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Washer won't turn on in San Jose, CA

Issue description:

Reasons that the washing machine does not turn on:

There is no electricity in the apartment

The machines were knocked out

Defective socket

Damage and malfunction of the washing machine plug

Defective electric cord

Defective electric circuit of the washing machine

Damage to the electrical boards of the device

Technical malfunction of the programmer and control unit

Malfunction of electronic components

Malfunction of the power button

Washer won't turn on

Problem solution:

Malfunctions due to which the washing machine does not turn on


Due to faulty contacts, the socket may become unusable. Those. the lack of normal contact leads to such a problem that any household appliance will not receive power and cannot turn on. In this case, you need to check the contacts of the outlet and replace the burnt wires, if necessary. You can check the outlet using another electrical device, a multimeter or an indicator screwdriver. If it is working, the indicator on the screwdriver will light up.

Extension cord

The use of various extension cords is highly discouraged by the manufacturer, however, many users still use them. If you connect the washing machine to the mains through an extension cord or surge protector, the problem may lie in its malfunction. Try plugging your home appliance directly into an outlet or another extension cord. If there is a problem in the extension cord, then simply replace it.

Power cord of the washing machine

The power cord that comes from the unit and plugs into the outlet may have been accidentally bent, broken or burned out due to a sudden power surge or short circuit in the socket. Agree that not every user disconnects the power cord after washing until the next use of the household appliance, and this increases the risk of a short circuit and a wire burnout. Likewise, the power cord can burn out due to a thunderstorm if the outlet is not grounded. To determine the malfunction, it is necessary to ring the cord along the entire length with a multimeter. If you find a "dead spot" - replace the cord completely. Twists and joints are not allowed. This can further damage your washing machine. If you need help with high end washing machine repair, call us right now!