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Washing machine agitator not working

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The device of agitator-type washing machines is quite simple, it would seem that there is nothing to break in it. However, the parts are subject to physical wear, and there comes a certain moment when the question arises of how to replace one or another part in such a machine. In this article, we decided to consider the agitator of the washing machine, the device of this part in different models of machines and how to replace it correctly.

What is called a washing machine agitator?

If you ask this question to users of semi-automatic washing machines, they will answer that the agitator is a rotating disc on the bottom or wall of the machine's tank, which mixes the laundry during washing. We will only add that the blades are located on the outer side of the disc, which is made of plastic. These activators can be different in shape and size, but their main purpose is the same - to set in motion the contents of the tank.

A modern washing machine also has an agitator. A bit strange, but true. In fact, this is a drum rib, as a rule, it is a plastic element that looks like a barrier. It is attached to the inside of the drum, the task of the rib punch is to break and shake the lumps of laundry and thus improve the quality of the wash.

Washing machine agitator not working


Repair is not difficult if you have a few necessary replacement parts. To understand exactly which ones are needed, you must first disassemble the mechanism for rotating the laundry. If you need help with washing machine repair, call us right now!