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Washing machine bearing noise

Issue description:

One of the most important elements in the machine is the bearings, with the help of these parts the drum rotates. If there is a strong hum during spinning, this may indicate that the drum of the washing machine is dangling.

In the early stages of bearing wear, the washing machine can rattle and emit extraneous noise, but later, if the problem is not eliminated, the machine begins to make a lot of noise, which eventually leads to its breakdown. It is difficult to determine the wear of the bearings, since it will be revealed only when the equipment is disassembled and the part is inspected.

Washing machine bearing noise


In order to find out if the bearing is in good condition, you need to open the door of the machine and, by pressing on the edge of the drum, turn it. If any overshoot is felt, it can be concluded that the bearing is faulty. To fix such a breakdown, it is best to go to a repair shop, but you can try to change the bearing yourself.

Bearings rarely break. This can be mainly due to wear of the packing or corrosion. The average bearing life is 10 years. If you need help with immediately washing machine repair, call us right now!