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Washing machine belt falling off

Issue description:

During the operation of the washing machine, a situation may occur when washing is impossible due to breakdown. Of course, there can be several reasons for stopping work.

The drive belt is an important part in the washing machine. Thanks to him, the drum rotates, without which washing is impossible. The belt is the connecting link between the drum pulley and the engine and if it breaks or falls off, then the machine stops working. The service life of the drive belt is many years with proper care of the machine.

The most common causes of belt problems can be:

Unreliable fastening of the drum pulley. The belt will surely fly off or break if the fasteners on which the drum is held are weak and go from side to side. As a result, the drum may even jam.

Problems with the engine mount. As with the pulley, the fasteners can loosen and the belt will not be tight enough, which will cause it to slip. To solve the problem, you need to remove the back cover of the machine and tighten the fasteners. Reinstall the belt.

Belt wear due to long use. The belt stretches from long work and ceases to fulfill its function. When scrolling, the car whistles and hardly squeezes. And sometimes the machine stops working altogether.

Wear of bearings. For this reason, the drum may wobble and, as a result, the belt on the washing machine naturally flies off. You may need the help of a skilled technician.

Shaft or pulley deformed. When the belt has fallen off in the washing machine, the pulley can bend and damage important parts of the equipment.

Weak belt tension. If the drive belt is not tensioned correctly or it was not the right size, then it will inevitably fall. When buying a belt, you need to navigate a worn belt installed by the manufacturer or rely on the help of a professional.

Rare use of a typewriter. It turns out that infrequent use also causes problems with the drive belt, because it can dry out, crack and lose elasticity.

The spider of the drum is loose. This imbalance is also a direct cause of drive belt failure.

Washing machine belt falling off


Replacing the belt For self-repair, the procedure is as follows:

The washing machine is de-energized and disconnected from the water supply.

The rear cover is removed.

The worn belt is removed.

To do this, it is pulled over itself with one hand, and the pulley rotates with the other and removed.

The new belt is first put on the motor shaft.

It is pulled over the pulley in a similar way by rotating it. If you need help with urgent washing machine repair, call us right now!